Unofficial tribal election results released

Unofficial results in the tribal general election were released via livefeed, Saturday Nov 6.

This article was originally published by Four Points Press on November 6, 2021.

Unofficial results in the tribal general election were released via livefeed, Saturday Nov 6.

Results are unofficial and a hand count is required by the Crow Election Ordinance Article VIII Sec. 8 "Counting Ballots for Legislative Elections":

"Immediately after the polls are closed all ballot boxes shall be taken to a secure room for counting by the Election Judges at the district polling places. The only persons who may be present for the counting are the district Election Judges and candidates’ official watchers. Two of the Election Judges will be designated to keep the vote tally. The Chief Election Judge and one other Election Judge will read the ballots. The District’s Chief Election Judge will unlock the ballot box. The Chief Election Judge and the other designated judge shall simultaneously read the result of the ballot aloud to the tallying judges. After the last ballot has been read, the tallying judges shall compare their tally sheets. When the tally sheets are identical and deemed correct, the election judges present shall sign the tally sheet. All used and unused ballots and tally sheets shall be relocked in the ballot box. Unofficial results of the voting in each district shall be posted on the exterior door of the voting place."

Chief Judge of the Crow Tribal Court: Myra Little Light received 1129 votes and Jackie Yellowtail recieved 1107 votes.

Center Lodge/Reno: Cody Chief Child-Meeks 280 or 26.62%, Lloyd Lind Hogan III 226 or 21.48%, Wacey Real Bird 226 or 26.48% and Kenny E. Pretty On Top 223 or 21.2%.

According to the Crow Election Ordinance Article VIII Sec. 13 "Recounts," if the margin of difference between candidates' votes is equal to or less than 1% a recount is required. The ordinance does not stipulate if a hand count or a machine recount is required.

Arrow Creek/Pryor District: Jason Kills Pretty Enemy 234 or 34.71%, Bryce Hugs 218 or 32.06% and Isaiah Hugs 159 or 23.38%.

Black Lodge District: Darwin J. Spotted 282 or 32.94%, Velma Pickett 275 32.13%, Merritt “Hugo” Whiteclay 143 or 16.71% and Levi C. Flinn 94 or 19.98%.

Mighty Few/Wyola District: Brandon Good Luck 190 or 33.22%, Newton Old Crow Jr. 174 or 30.42% and Ramon White 125 or 21.85%.

Valley of the Chiefs/Lodge Grass: Dean Don’t Mix 268 or 27.13%, Tyson Gros Ventre 230 or 22.28%, Thomas Yellowtail 209 or 21.15%, or Michael L. Hill Sr. 196 or 19.84%.

Valley of the Give Away/Big Horn District: Charla R. Takes Enemy 148, Patrick Alden Jr. 125, Marlin “Yo-Yo" Not Afraid 107 and Allison Bouyer Jr. 77.

According to the Crow Election Ordinance Article VIII Sec. 15 "Certification of Election Results," the results of the election are required to be certified within 48 hours, unless there is a recount.

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