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Four Points Media Inc is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Tax-deductible contributions are graciously accepted.

Four Points Media
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About Us

Four Points Media is a nonprofit media organization serving the Crow Indian reservation that recruits and trains Indigenous talent to tell authentic Indigenous stories. We also partner with mainstream outlets to share their coverage of Indigenous issues. Four Points Media is dedicated to giving the voice back to the people of this region and getting the story right.

We Believe

  • Indigenous people have the ability to tell our own stories.
  • Information access, and ultimately news awareness, are vital requirements for civic action and should be accessible to everyone in Indian Country.
  • For many reasons, our community is either actively excluded or self-select out of news awareness and civic participation.
  • For too long mainstream news has reduced Indigenous people to nothing but powwow dancers and criminals, turning Indigenous news coverage into mugshots and feathers.

Our Vision

Four Points Media exists to share the Indigenous experience by recruiting and training Indigenous talent and elevating Indigenous voices and stories through our news website, our podcast network and our publishing house.

Our Mission

The mission of Four Points Media, Inc. is to work independently and in collaboration with the community to enrich the minds, spirits and lives of those in Indian Country by producing meaningful stories through the production of timely published and audio works, through the news website Four Points Press, the audio network Four Points Productions, and Four Points Publishing House, which are currently in development.

How we started

Four Points is the dream of Luella Brien, an Apsáalooke journalist with nearly 20 years experience in the news industry, who has over the last decade envisioned a media company that produces the high community journalism. This organization will also provide important educational news stories about Indian Country that inform and entertain, as well as literary and audio/video works that lift Native voices and reflect the Indigenous experience in an authentic way.

Where we are?

Four Points Media is based in Crow Agency, Montana. We cover the Crow Indian Reservation, an area of 2.2 million acres, and the surrounding communities of Hardin and Billings.

Who owns us?

Four Points Media is a nonprofit organization and it governed by a board of directors, that includes local tribal members and people with journalism experience in the area.

Who pays the bills?

The organization is primarily funded by a Reynolds Journalism Institute News Founder Grant, a Borealis Philanthropy Racial Equity in Journalism Grant, LION/Google News Initiative and is supported by the Tiny News Collective. We are also reader supported.

How you can get involved

Since we are a reader-supported organization. You can help us grow by becoming a paid subscriber.

If you don’t have the means to support Four Points Media financially, it’s okay! You can still read and listen to 100% of our content for free. And if you like it, you can support us by sharing our work with your friends and family and helping get the word out however you can.

How to share ideas or suggestions with us

If you have information of possible interest to the public, like data or documentation regarding unethical or illegal activities by public or private entities, or something that threatens or could harm the public, we want to talk to you. Swing by the newsroom, or call or text us at 406-850-3081, or email us at