Board of Trustees Votes To Remove Yarlott as LBHC President; Tall Bear Appointed As Interim

Board of Trustees Votes To Remove Yarlott as LBHC President; Tall Bear Appointed As Interim

David Yarlott, Ed.D. was removed as Little Big Horn College's president in a unanimous vote Wednesday, Feb. 27., according to a press release.

Neva Tall Bear, Long-time faculty member, was appointed by the Trustees as acting interim College President.

During the meeting Yarlott, who was initially hired by the College in 2002, presented his current contract, which was valid Feb. 2020 through June 30, 2024.

The press release went on to say, the Trustees determined that Yarlott could not have entered into a lawful contract in 2020 based on the lack of a duly elected Board of Trustees at that time.  The board determined that the board members in 2020 were appointed by Yarlott, in violation of the College’s articles of incorporation.

In November 2023, the Crow Legislature re-chartered  Little Big Horn College by tribal joint action resolution and required the Crow Tribal Secretary to conduct a special election of the 12-member College Board of Trustees, which occurred in December of 2023.

According to the press release, pursuant to the voided agreement, Yarlott was paid a salary of $117,000 a year, in addition to a $20,000 annual housing allowance, a 15% fringe benefit package, full-time use of a College vehicle and fuel, along with paid leave benefits and first class air travel. 

A top priority of current College leadership is to review past actions carried out by the College during the timeframe where there was no lawful board or president in order to determine whether ratification of certain acts is necessary to protect any persons acting in good faith reliance on public representations made by Yarlott and the appointed board members, according to the press release.

All prior actions carried out by Yarlott and the appointed board members are under legal review and further actions, including referrals to prosecution authorities, are ongoing, the press release reported.

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