Body of Missing Lodge Grass Man Found

Body of Missing Lodge Grass Man Found
Shann Nomee

The body of a missing Lodge Grass man was recovered Tuesday night east of Lodge Grass, family spokesperson Cedric Black Eagle said in a press release.

Shann Wade Nomee, 37, was missing for four days before his body was recovered after days of round the clock searches in frigid temperatures.

“We are indebted to all the Crow Reservation people and the surrounding towns of Hardin, Billings and others around the state who shared our posts and all the many organizations who reached out to assist our family,” Black Eagle said in the press release. “We especially thank the people of Lodge Grass District for their time and efforts in the search and rescue of Shann, as he was a well-known individual, always walking and greeting people around town.”

Several agencies and private groups participating in the search efforts including, Bureau of Indian Affairs Police, the Big Horn County Sheriff's Office, the Department of Interior's Missing and Murdered Special Investigations Unit, Crow Tribe SAR, Northern Cheyenne SAR, Big Horn SAR, MMIP Billings LLC, Crow Tribe Incident Command, Lodge Grass Mayor Quincy Dabney and the Crow Tribe Executive Branch Officers, Frank White Clay, Lawrence Decrane, Levi Black Eagle and Chan Whiteman, among others.

“Our hearts are broken and we will miss him dearly. Please grant our family privacy as we mourn the loss of Shann and prepare for the days ahead of us,” Black Eagle said.

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