Crow Legislators Convene for January Session

New committees assigned

The Crow Legislative Branch convened this week for the January Session.

The first order of business Monday was the selection of the Speaker and Secretary of the House, as well as committee meetings.

Pryor Rep. Sampson Decrane replaced Black Lodge Rep. Darwin Spotted as Speaker of the House.

Big Horn Rep. Charla Takes Enemy replaced Wyola Rep. Brandon Good Luck as Secretary of the House.

The Chair of the Economic Development Committee is Big Horn Rep. Patrick Alden, Jr. The Vice-Chair is Reno Rep. Cody Meeks.

The Chair of the Judicial Committee is Wyola Rep. Newton Old Crow, Jr. The Vice-Chair is Black Lodge Rep. Velma Pickett.

The Chair of the Finance Committee is Black Lodge Rep. Darwin Spotted, Sr. The Vice-Chair is Big Horn Rep. Tim Plain Feather.

The Chair of the Health and Human Services Committee is Lodge Grass Rep. Dean Don’t Mix. The Vice-Chair is Reno Rep. Yvon Little Light.

The Chair of the Infrastructure Committee is Wyola Rep. Brandon Good Luck. The Vice-Chair is Lodge Grass Rep. Tyson Gros Ventre.

The Chair of the Gaming and Tribal Enterprises Committee is Reno Rep. Lloyd Hogan, III. The Vice-Chair is Black Lodge Rep. Clement Other Medicine.

The Chair of the Natural Resource Committee is Black Lodge Rep. Velma Pickett. The Vice-Chair is Pryor Rep. Jason Kills Pretty Enemy.

During Tuesday’s session Rep. DeCrane had the various committees share what plans they had for the 2024 year.

The meeting began at 11:55 A.M. with roll call. One point brought up during the meeting was how attendance is important, last year showed low attendance from members of the legislature and for this year they want to improve on that.

Seventeen members were present, with one running late and eventually arriving at 12:19 p.m.

Speaker DeCrane was asked by Rep. Alden what his plans for the new year were.

“My goal is that we operate as one cohesive unit.” DeCrane said. “We’re under a microscope. Somebody who’s out there acting a fool, we all suffer. It’s not just one person., it’s a collective unit.”

Alden, Chair of the Economic Development Committee, started having weekly meetings. One of their main focuses is Apsaalooke, Inc., creating a “business away from politics. They’re also looking at the Marijuana Ordinance, and bank issues. The committee has spoken to Charlene Johnson of Plenty Doors to discuss the business incubator in Crow Agency.

Financial Committee Chair Spotted discussed most of his plans in Crow Agency, although he did state that he was planning to step down from the Chair position and give it to Rep. Plainfeather, while he takes the Vice Chair position.

Health and Human Resources Services Vice-Chair Little Light said he was excited to work with Don’t Mix, and discussed the Enrollment Ordinance and protecting the health employees of the tribe.

Gaming Committee Chair Hogan reported that he met with an individual out of Las Vegas who is interested in paying off the tribe's Casino debt. Hogan discussed the benefits of this, saying that not only could they reopen the casino in Crow Agency, but they could look at expanding to Billings and Sheridan.

Hogan expressed frustration with the Executive Branch, mentioning how difficult it is for him to get in touch with them, and how he needs their permission to pursue the plan further. Rep. Alden chimed in with information regarding the Gaming Compact the tribe signed with Montana, and suggested the Gaming Chairs review it when they get a chance.

The Natural resources Committee Chair Pickett discussed plans to appoint a land use board, and the goal of improving the fish and game code. The Vice Chair Kills Pretty Enemy, had concerns about the fire plan, saying the last time it was updated was in 2010. He also shared concerns about the lack of tribal personnel to deal with fires.

During his wrap up discussions, Speaker DeCrane called on Rep. Alden who had some things to say about the Tribe’s website being out of date, as well as restarting a newsletter and reactivating the Facebook account. Speaker DeCrane mentioned that they were getting updated laptops. Several senators offered congratulations to the elected positions.

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