Cultural Enrichment Lecture Series: The History of Crow Irrigation Projects

This week's lecture features Dr. Alden Big Man

Dr. Alden Big Man present the history of the irrigation projects at noon on Thursday, Feb. 16 in person in the Library Programs Room and on Zoom and Facebook.

Crow irrigation projects began in the 1880s soon after the agency was moved to its present location from the Absarokee area. The people were promised payment from land sales to the United States that had occurred, but they were made to work on digging the irrigation ditches to actually receive the monies as wages. A large system of irrigation ditches was constructed which eventually grew to cover the entire reservation and into the system we have today.

Alden is the past director of the current water program for the Crow Tribe.

To connect by Zoom, email Tim Bernardis at or message him on Facebook Messenger and, if approved, he will send you the link. Please make your request for the Zoom link ASAP because some requests last week did not come in until the program was nearly/underway and could not be accommodated.

The presentation can also be accessed on Facebook at Little Big Horn College Library/ Archives | Facebook.

Questions can be asked in person and on both Facebook and Zoom by posting your questions.

For more information, contact Tim Bernardis at or 406 638 3113 or send him a message on Facebook Messenger.

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