Four Points Press: ICYMI week of April 14

Things are heating up at Four Points Press. We are starting to receive internship applications. We are hoping to get a few more from local students so we can hire one intern from a university and one from Little Big Horn College.

Board member Carrie McCleary and I spent the week at Hopa Mountain's Strengthening the Circle Native Nonprofit Gathering. It was a such a great time of renewal and learning. We learned so much about working with Indigenous boards and building policy that works for Indigenous nonprofits. I am so grateful for Hopa Mountain and the work that do for Indian Country.

Big apologies to our subscribers for my tardiness with the newsletter I was so busy at the gathering that I wasn't able to get it out, but here it is in all it's glory. We had a busy week last week.

Hardin Students Protest Faculty Member
A group of roughly 30 students marched in front of Hardin High School Tuesday to protest the school’s lack of action against a staff member that has been accused of abusive behavior towards students, staff and his own child. The students walked out of school at 2 p.m.
‘Your Favorite NDN’ Visits LG
Blackfeet cowboy Dougie Hall, known on social media as “Your Favorite NDN” spoke to students in Lodge Grass April 5 as the motivational speaker for Gear Up Week. “(Dougie) was here to top off the college application week” to motivate students to continue on to higher education after high school,
New NAGPRA Regulations Leave Montana Museums Much The Same
In preparation of new regulations, some museums in the country, particularly ones that opened in the late 19th to early 20th centuries, closed down or covered certain displays that may contain objects of cultural significance. The Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois released a statement that explained “These display cases have
Lodge Grass Man Admits Trafficking Charges In Large-Scale Meth Investigation
A Lodge Grass man last week admitted to a methamphetamine trafficking crime for his role in a large-scale, multi-state narcotics investigation that was centered on the Crow Indian Reservation, U.S. Attorney Jesse Laslovich said in a press release. Morgan Luke Hugs, 33, pleaded guilty April 4 to possession with
Money Skills Continue at Northern Cheyenne
This spring has brought more than rain showers for students at Chief Dull Knife College and two Ashland area schools. It also poured hundred-dollar bills during the $pending Frenzy, an interactive financial skills workshop. This wasn’t the first-time local students were exposed to the award-winning program that offers participants
An Invitation To Play The Climate-Change Game
By Pepper Trail, Writers on the Range Let’s play a game, the climate-change game that every living thing on Earth has no choice but to play, starting … now. The game is called Adapt/Move/Die, and the rules are simple. The object of the game is not to die.
Four Points Classifieds April 11, 2024
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