In Memory of Arlin Bordeaux

Arlin Duane Bordeaux, 29, of Lame Deer, Montana, passed away in Lame Deer on December 3, 2021.

In Memory of Arlin Bordeaux
January 4, 1992 ~ December 3, 2021

This article was originally published by Four Points Press on December 15, 2021.

Arlin Duane Bordeaux, 29, of Lame Deer, Montana, passed away in Lame Deer on December 3, 2021.

He was born on January 4, 1992, to Thelma Beaverheart and Ken Bordeaux. He was baptized into the Catholic Church by Fr. Paschal, his Godparents were Madonna (Bordeaux) Bement and the late Morris Bement.

Arlin was an enrolled member of the Northern Cheyenne Tribe and very proud to be a Lakota. His Cheyenne name was Mo’e Mȧhpevȧhnee’ėstse / “Elk Stands in Water.” He was named after Morris Bement Sr. and lovingly called Shugg by many. He was raised in Rabbit Town and attended St. Labre Catholic School where he participated in basketball, football, track and golf.

Shugg had several mentors who played a big part in his upbringing. Marcus McGill took him to football camps at Clemson in South Carolina. He never quit singing after Benji Headswift taught him the artform. He would sing for his family on special occasions and especially enjoyed singing for his children. He played an active role in the upbringing of his nieces and nephews.

Shugg started working as a tour guide for St. Labre, as summer youth program employee for the Natural Resources Department, he also worked for Tribal Forestry, BIA Roads, and for Little Coyote Construction and Speelman Construction.

He is survived by his parents; his companion, Raelene Yazzie; his children, Lilly, Sebastian, Racquel, Kaylum, Tyrel Bernadine and Lesley Ahri Faith; his in-laws, Mike and Donna Yazzie; his adopted parents, Hubert and Sharon Blackwolf; brothers, Darrell (Holly) Fisher (Keyon, Kylen, Darrell, Jr., Orianthi, Harper), James (Melissa Carpenter) Fisher (Anthony, James Jr., Bruce Roper, Dallie Jo), Morris Bement, Ty (Leona) Fischer; sister-in-law, Lorna Little Owl Gray (Lillian Gray); sisters, Melissa Fisher, Shawna Cooper (Ken Deputee), Miranda Bement, Rae Ann (Andrew) Foote; grandparents, Gernaldine Fisher, Emma Rowland Homer, Suzie Cain, Edie Adams, Eugene (Anna) Fisher, Nellie Speelman, Amy Foote; aunts, Donna Fisher, Shelly Fisher, Madonna Bordeaux, Anna (Essence) Kaline, Troylynn Bordeaux, Wilma Two Moons, Marcelline Shoulderblade, Elizabeth Rowland, Edith Cain; uncles, Arlin Fisher, Allen (Sharon) Fisher, Vernon (Paula) Fisher, Virgil (Myra) Fisher Sr., Steven (Martha) Fisher Sr., Roy (Stephanie) Fisher Sr., Ben Bordeaux, Ramon Rosas, JR Rosas, Armando Rosas, Kenny Horse, Troy Lee Wilson, Jay Fraser, Michael Speelman, and Pete Gonder.

Arlin comes from a large family and has a lot of cousins whom he considered brothers and sisters.

Preceding him in death, were his stepfather, Eugene Beaverheart; grandparents, Eugene Homer, Bernadine Fisher, Duane Bordeaux, Thelma Two Two, Louise Bordeaux; aunts, Velma Lee Fisher, Bernadine Bahr, Leslie Fisher, Mary Shoulderblade; uncles, Milen One Bear, Tony Bordeaux, Kevin Bordeaux, Don Shoulderblade, Morris Bement Sr.; brothers, Alvin Red Robe, Preston Gray, Al Fisher, Dane Fisher Sr.; sister, Montoya Bryant; cousin, Kevin Bordeaux; nephew, Clint Ross Fitzpatrick Jr.

His extended families include the Fisher, Two Two, Shoulderblade, Spang, Littlewhiteman, Foote, Bordeaux, James families.

A traditional Wake was held on Monday, Dec. 6 at St. Labre Catholic Church in Ashland, Montana. Funeral Mass was celebrated on Tuesday Dec. 7 at St. Labre Catholic Church Interment followed at Fisher Butte Cemetery in Lame Deer.

Stevenson & Sons Funeral Home was in charge of the arrangements.

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