In Memory of Danetta Danielle Old Elk

Danetta Danielle Old Elk, 42, Ahwaashtaámiisiitcheesh / Likes To Travel, passed away on April 15, 2022 in Billings, Montana.

In Memory of Danetta Danielle Old Elk
1979 ~ 2022

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published by Four Points Press on April 19, 2022.

Danetta Danielle Old Elk, 42, Ahwaashtaámiisiitcheesh / Likes To Travel, passed peacefully to the Other Side Camp on April 15, 2022 in Billings, Montana.

Danetta was born to Daniel Old Elk Jr. and the late Edwina Don’t Mix on October 27, 1979. She was raised by the late Daniel Old Elk Sr. and Carlene Old Elk at the family ranch in Garryowen, Montana. She was a member of the Big Lodge Clan and child of the Whistling Water Clan.

Danetta grew up in a traditional Apsáalooke household. She was a fluent Crow language speaker. She participated in powwows throughout Indian Country, representing as a Center Lodge District Princess. She loved to play handgames, once earning the title of “High Point Woman.”

As the owner and designer of Crow Girl Apsaalooke Beadwork, LLC, she was an admired and generous beadworker completing regalia for family and friends. She completed a full Crow woman’s parade horse set, committing two years to the project.

Danetta graduated from Hardin High School and attended Little Bighorn College and Montana State University. Her life’s achievements included awards and certificates in math, science, and the arts. She was a tennis champion, as well. Grades were very important to her, and she always maintained a high grade point average in all her academic endeavors.

The legacy of her Crow name was fulfilled by her traveling and living throughout the United States.

Danetta will greatly be missed by many.

She is survived by husband, Clyde Little Light; father, Daniel Old Elk Jr.; mother, Carlene Old Elk; grandmother, Mary Helen Medicine Horse; children, Isabella Old Elk, Devin Reza, and Neta and Mary Hill; granddaughter, Rosalita Robles; brothers, Sen. Dean and Shay Don’t Mix, Dexter (Roxann) Falls Down, Elroy (Kitty) Nomee; Dominic (Nancy), David (Susan), Devereaux and Jon (Susan) Old Elk, Jason Kaline, and Elery Crooked Arm; sisters, Tawnya (Johnny) Old Coyote Sr., Mary S. (Lane) Simpson, Donna (Michael) Yazzie, Denise (Michael) Stops, Neta (Lance), Delora, Desirae, Dusty, Savanna and Leighann Old Elk, Edwina and Dorcella Little Light, and Lois Ann Crooked Arm; uncles, Blaine Bulltail, Walter (Colleen), Clayton (Georgianna), John (Karen) and Larry (Carol) Old Elk, Ivan Don’t Mix, Francis Springfield, JR (Aldean) Good Luck, Mark, Paul (Bernadine) Nomee, Ben Gros Ventre, Edgar (Tammy) Old Bull, Darrin (Bobbi Jo), Jay (Misty) Old Coyote, Curtis Old Bull, Zachary Faraway, and Buster Gardner; aunts, Renee (Lance) Crooked Arm, Gwendolyn Plainbull, Georgia Bad Bear, Valerie (Lloyd) Hogan, Mardell Plain Feather, Cheryl Jefferson, Sarah (Dennis) Steffan, Elizabeth (Earl) Old Chief, Tina, Arbutus, Terrance, Traci and Jackie Covers Up, Saravene Jefferson, Mavis (Maurice) Mountain Sheep, Wowie (George) Little Wolf, Georgia Ann (Tony) Pisano, Lavina Old Bull, Beth (Calvin) Brush, Valerie Horse Chief, Misty Faraway, Ethel, Tina and Reva Gardner, Raedawn Wallace, MyraJean and Regina Gros Ventre, and Lauren (Scott) and Honey Bun (Curtis) Medicine Horse; numerous cousins, nieces and nephews; and her special friends she called sisters, Della (Andrew) Stump, Carrie (Tim) McCleary, Olivia (Jason) Williamson, Cedar Rose Bulltail, and Samuel Jaxon Enemy Hunter.

Danetta was preceded in death by her father, Daniel C. Old Elk Sr.; her sister, Gevy Coyote Runs, her best friend, Kateri “Teri” Hill; grandparents, Ivan Don’t Mix Sr. and Nadine Old Bull, Rosebud Bulltail, Alpha Birdinground, Billie Jean Old Bull, and Cyrus Gros Ventre; great-grandparents, Guy and Margaret Blaine Bulltail, Moses Old Bull, Evelyn Covers Up,Harry Don’t Mix and Sarah Grandmothers Knife, Paul J. Bad Horse Sr., Mildred Old Crow, Marie Big Hair, William and Velma Gros Ventre, Virginia Covers Up, Theresa Yapuncich, Frank Covers Up Jr.; grandfathers, Sonny, Benny and Frankie Old Bull and Woodson Bird Faraway; and aunts and uncles, Donald Old Elk, Greg, Elvis, Myron, Lawrence and Sophia Old Bull, Robert “Bugsy” Springfield, Evelyn Deann Old Elk, Kathy Don’t Mix, Vanessa Gardner and Ursula Perez, and Emma, Rita, Harriet and Aurelia Don’t Mix.

She is a descendant of Crazy Head and Curley.

Danetta’s extended family includes the Old Elk, Old Bull, Bulltail, Don’t Mix, Birdinground, Covers Up, Onion, Chief Child, Hunts the Arrow, Real Bird, Moccasin, Good Luck, Blaine, Plentyhawk and Deputy families

Our family is very large, if we have missed you in our grief, please accept our apology.

Rosary was recited on Tuesday, April 19 at Bullis Funeral Chapel. Funeral Mass will be celebrated at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, April 20 at the Crow Multi-Purpose Building. Burial will follow at the Old Elk Family Cemetery in Garryowen.

Bullis Mortuary is entrusted with the arrangements.

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