In Memory of Kenneth Dale Flat Lip

Kenneth Dale Flat Lip, 56, passed away on Friday, January 28, 2022

In Memory of Kenneth Dale Flat Lip
1965 ~ 2022

This article was originally published by Four Points Press on February 10, 2022.

Kenneth Dale Flat Lip, 56, passed away on Friday, January 28, 2022 in Denver, Colorado.

BaabammBaaxbaá / Sacred Plant, was born on May 11, 1965 in Billings, Montana to the late Lawrence Archie Flat Lip Sr. and Mary Frances Takes Gun-Childs. Kenneth was a Mountain Crow, a member of the Bad War Deeds Clan and a child of Ties the Bundle.

He was a direct descendant of Chief Bird Hat, Chief Bell Rock, Chief Pretty Eagle, Chief Plenty Coups, Chief Long Hair (the signer of the 1825 Friendship Treaty), Thunder Iron and Frank Takes Gun.

Kenneth was a member of the Catholic Church, Pentecostal Church and an avid follower of the Bible. He was a Sundancer, Traditional Crow Style dancer and a member of the Native American Church, holding Native American Church meetings for his children.

He attended grade school at Pryor Elementary and St. Charles Mission Schools. He graduated from Plenty Coups High School in 1985. During his senior year he traveled to Washington D.C., with the Close Up program, after high school Kenneth attended Eastern Montana College and walked on to the football team.

Kenneth participated in sports throughout grade school and also ran in the 50-yard dash during Big Sky State Games. Kenneth was a horseman and Jockey for Pat Alden Sr., Rick Fighter Sr., Raymond and Jackie House, Denny Reed and many others.

Kenneth worked at St. Vincent’s Hospital for numerous years, he was also an assistant manager at McDonalds in Rimrock Mall, a city maintenance worker in Denver. He was also a reliable transportation driver for elders.

His pride and joy were his children Mary Elizabeth Flat Lip, of Rapid City, South Dakota; Kenneth Delane Flat Lip, of Denver; Rhoda Bobbi (Delmar Wilson Sr.) Flat Lip, of Rapid City; and the late Samuel Frank Flat Lip; as well as his grandchildren, Myla Gregg, Camilla Bissonette, Kaine Flat Lip, Yoser Torres-Gomez, Anna Torres-Gomez, Jaidale Flat Lip, Delmar Wilson Jr., and Samuel Wilson, of Rapid City.

Kenneth was proceeded in death by Larmella Rose, Sammy, Baby Boy Flat Lip, Jerry Neil Flat Lip Sr., Linda Flat Mouth-Pretty On Top, Daniel Takes Gun Jr., Ronnie Beaumont Sr., Denise Beaumont, Butch Gardner, Lawrence Old Bull Jr., Susie RoundFace, Mary Elizabeth Bird Hat, and Alvin Pretty On Top.

He is survived by his brothers Lawrence (Jennifer) Jr. and Robert Flat Lip, Tony and Chris Parrish, Ruben (Christine), Ellsworth (Polly) and Lawrence (Martha) DeCrane, Phillip Beaumont Jr., Dewey and Wales Bull Tail, Corky, Dale and Jack Old Horn; Wendell, Clayton and Ken Bad Bear, Ronald and Leon Flatmouth, and John Bull Shows; sisters, Edwina Beaumont, Jolene White Clay, Georgine Falls Down, Annie (Cyrus) Leider, Latonna (Sharon Jr.) Old Elk, Rebecca and Claudia Flatmouth, Mary, Althea, Angela and Rachel DeCrane, Blanche Sunshine TurnsBack, Tina Hoops, Lori Birdinground, Ethel Gardner, Janice Bell Rock, Gail Bird Hat, Carla Wilson, Kathy Haun, Ava Glenn, Veronica (Heywood Jr.) Big Day, Victoria and Thomasine Bad Bear, Shirleen Hill, and Darlene and Warlene Bird Far Away; uncles, Tommy Little Owl, and Bill Lincoln; aunts, Agnes Parrish, Hannah Pretty On Top; Nora (Dennis) Big Hair, Mary Agnes White Hip, Rose Mary Lincoln, Agatha (BigBoy) House, and Harriet Leider; nephews and nieces, John Smells, Archie Kenneth, Mary Nathelle, Lawrence Christopher, Lawryn Arleen, Matthew Sampson, Scott Kevin, Jerry Junior and Randall Allan Flat Lip, Cynthia and Lawrence Pretty On Top; and grandchildren, Serena Rose, Lois Tionna, Cassius Lansen, Chezirae Rochelle, Uriah Jonathan, Archie Junior, YellowBeads, Emaurice Maleigha, Elannah Victoria, Evan Chase, Erianna Jade, Emberly Sage, Hudson Mills, Madisyn and Bridger Flat Lip, and Blase Moss.

Kenneth’s extended families include the Bulltail, Beaumont, Lincoln, Bird Hat, Snell, Takes Gun, Childs, Little Owl, Yellowtail, Hogan, Medicine Horse, Smells, Beads-Dont Mix, Reed, Big Lake, Holds The Enemy, Half, BellRock families, as well as the Left Hands of Canada, the Pamela Little Light Family, and the Adaloia Harris Family.

The family would like to extend our deepest appreciation for the officials who brought Kenneth home from Denver.

Graveside service is 10 a.m. Friday, February 11, 2022 at Lodge Grass Cemetery.

Bullis Mortuary was entrusted with the arrangements.

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