In Memory of Richard Anthony Crow

Richard Anthony Crow, Xuulashiiwaachachish / Good Runner, passed away on May 20, 2022.

In Memory of Richard Anthony Crow
1988 ~ 2022

This article was originally published by Four Points Press on May 23, 2022.

Richard Anthony Crow, was also known by his Crow name, Xuulashiiwaachachish / Good Runner, a name given to him by his great-grandfather Irvin Stewart Sings Good. He entered this world in Billings, MT on December 19, 1988.

He was the first child of Lori Ann Stewart and Richard C. Crow Jr. He was the first great-grandson, first grandson and first nephew. He resided in the community of Pryor his entire life. He attended St. Charles Mission School and graduated from Plenty Coups High School. He was lovingly referred to as “Baby Rich” by his large extended family.

Rich married his high school sweetheart, Luisa Sanchez, and together they had two sons.  Trevor and Hunter were his pride and joy. His time was spent teaching his sons skills he had mastered in his favorite pasttimes: basketball, hunting, arrow throwing and cooking. Rich was known on the Crow Reservation for his arrow throwing accomplishments.

The family enjoys recalling his many deeds, such as cooking for family dinners and graduations, making arrows for his nephews, his avid basketball and art talents.

A quiet, respectful, humble man, Rich was quick to offer assistance to his elders and guidance to his many “little brothers”. He knew his Crow beliefs and traditions, practicing them daily. He was a member of the Greasy Mouth Clan and a Big Lodge Child.

Rich had a very close bond with his brothers, Tom and Irvin, and loved having a little sister, Ashley. He loved to tease and was the glue that held the family together. He will be missed immensely for the outstanding man that he was. His family truly “needed” Rich and what a huge void we are experiencing with his untimely passing.

Survivors include his wife, Luisa; sons, Trevor and Hunter; parents, Lori (Emmett) Stewart-Old Bull and Richard (Grace) Crow; siblings, Thomas (Farrah), Irvin, Elijah, Nehemiah, Baby Stan, Aritha (Cody), Ashley, Elecia, Naileah and Everly; brothers, Kyler Plain Feather, Mark Spotted Horse Jr., Tony RidesHorse, Antonio, Cayden, Darcy Jr, Greyson Merchant, Elijah TurnsPlenty, Darnell (Aubrey) Left Hand, Famous and Darrell Jr. LeftHand, Ronald Beaumont Jr.; sisters, Brianna and Greyleigh Merchant, Darralynn (Jacie) Hogan, Trinity and Eymara LeftHand, Jessica Plain Bull, Tasha (Allen) Stewart; great-grandparents, Joanne Rock Above and Alice (Grady) Hunts the Arrow; grandparents, Cerise and Billie PlainFeather, Mary Hill, Teatta (Ben) Bear Below, Rebecca Falls Down, Sara Lee (Mike) Laforge, Richard Crow Sr., Louella and Frank Merchant, Gary Lefthand, Sarah LeftHand, Irvin “Sonny” Stewart Jr., Marcia Beaumont; aunts and uncles, Guena (Mark) Spotted Horse, Ray Hill, Jonas, Jess, Macon, Beatrice, Lindy and Florence Crow, Channings Demontiney, Sarah Faith (Stanley) RidesHorse, Nicole (John) TurnsPlenty, Darcy (Kristen) Merchant, Richard and Gilbert LeftHand, Tody (Lisa) LeftHand, Tiara LeftHand, Shawna and Neal Beaumont, Leo and Irvina Stewart; in-laws, Cristobal Sanchez, Cris Sanchez Jr. and Violet (James) RealBird; his nieces and nephews that he cherished as his own, Charmer, Zariah, Tom Jr. (Godson), Ta’mae and Jessie Crow.

Also surviving him are close relatives from the Crow, Stewart, Sings Good, Pease, LaForge, Sun Goes Slow, LeftHand, Stands Over the Bull, PlainFeather, Rock Above, Beaumont, Simpson, Whiteman families.

The Pryor community, his Clan and the arrow throwing community too mourn the loss of Rich Crow.

He entered the gates of heaven on May 20, 2022 and was greeted by family members he loved and missed, Beatrice Belton, Samuel and Adeline Plain Feather, Millie Plain Feather, Russell Plain Feather, Tiki Crow, Sarah and Irvin Sings Good, Harlan Sun Goes Slow, Tyler and Anna Jean Lefthand, Eymard LeftHand, Darrell, Darnell, Darwin LeftHand, Ronnie, Levi and Steven Beaumont, and his late mother-in-law Saraphine Sanchez.

Funeral service will be at noon on Tuesday, May 24, 2022 at Dahl Funeral Chapel in Billings. He will be buried following the service next to his maternal great-grandparents in the family cemetery in Pryor.

Dahl Funeral Chapel has been entrusted with the arrangements.

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