In Memory of Terry Lawrence Singer

Terry Lawrence Singer, Ashalakuuitchee / Comes Home In A Good Way, 37, passed away on April 26, 2023.

In Memory of Terry Lawrence Singer
1985 ~ 2023

Terry Lawrence Singer, Ashalakuuitchee / Comes Home In A Good Way, 37, crossed over to the Other Side Camp on the evening of April 26, 2023.

Terry was born on December 12, 1985 in Hardin, M ontana, to LoriAnn Pretty Paint and in the traditional way given to Victor and Janice Singer. He was a member of the Bad War Deeds clan and a child of the Big Lodge clan. He was given his Crow name by his clan father Martin Spotted Horse Jr.

He grew up in Crow Agency and attended Crow Agency Public School, Hardin Middle School, and graduated from Hardin High School with the class of 2004. Soon after graduating high school, he enrolled at Little Big Horn College. Over the years Terry was involved in numerous cultural and community activities. Terry was a member of the Night Time Hot Dancer’s Society. Terry was also a Chief Tail Feather owner in the Black Lodge Daytime Hot Dance Ceremony.

In his younger years he was a champion traditional dancer and was twice selected as a Parade Dance leader. He was an avid handgamer, traveling as far as Oklahoma to play. He won several championships with the Black Lodge Tigers j unior and s enior handgame teams as Medicine Man. In 2010, Terry had the honor of serving as the Crow Fair President.

Terry loved bowling. In his senior year of high school, he was a part of the 2004 State Bowling Championship team. He also traveled to China to bowl as a People to People Ambassador. He was also a member of several championship teams in L eague, State, Big Sky State Games, and Bureau of Indian Affairs tournaments, as well as several singles championships.

Terry loved to sing and was a member of the Night Hawk Jrs drum group, traveling throughout Indian Country to sing at various powwows and also having the honor to serve as the host d rum. Terry along with his crew of CJ, Bruce, Austin, Butch and Jacoby also sang handgame songs that gave everyone in attendance good feelings and the inclination to sing along.

Terry enjoyed playing football, baseball, softball, playing poker, dealing poker, gambling and arrow throwing. He loved the Hardin Bulldogs, the Tennessee Titans and the Montana State Bobcats.

Terry was a kind man who helped take care of his nieces and nephews and was always willing to lend a hand to anyone who needed help. He was a social butterfly who made friends everywhere he went. He will truly be missed by all who knew him, as all who knew him had humorous stories to tell with him or about him.

Terry was preceded in death by his father, Victor Singer; and g randparents, Melvin and Elsie Pretty Paint, Clifford Sr and Laura Singer, LoriAnn Pretty Paint, Victoria Singer, JoJo Pretty Paint, Lance Iron, Jolene White Clay, Dennis Big Hair Jr., Clifford Singer Jr., Larry Costa, Clayton Mountain Pocket, Michael Singer, Larry Dale Singer, and Myron Little Light.

Terry is survived by his mother, Janice Singer;sisters Annie Singer, Selena and Julianna Rides The Horse, Beyonce LaFrance, Jalayah Pretty Paint, and Melissa Costa ; brothers, Rich (Elena) Singer, Jeremy Pretty Paint, Simba Rides The Horse, Rusty LaFrance, Scout and Pace Wilhelm, Scotty Dawes, Darren and Clifton Singer, Connrad and Chas Costa, CJ and Bruce Goes Ahead, and Austin and Butch Little Light ; aunts, Jeanie and Brenda Pretty Paint, Melvina Dawes, Melva Iron, Jana Alden, Susie Singer, Martha Singer, Nellie Singer, Julie Kulbeck, Judy King, June Bullinsight, and Birdie Realbird ; uncles, Victor and Clyde Pretty Paint, Richard, Kim, Mitchell, Harvey, Tracy, Keith and Brent King, and Henry, Kennard and Jimmy Realbird ; nephews, Riley (Natasha), Bryan, Herschel, Derek, Isaiah, DL, Justin, Clifford, Dana, and Cruz Singer ; and nieces, Christin Singer, Carmille Armajo, Ember Hogan, Candace, Tennae, Rainey, Vivian Singer and Krista Costa.

Terry is also survived by two grandchildren of whom he was most proud, Miles Wayne Singer and Geneviève Yellow Mule.

His ex tended families include the Singer, Dawes, Pretty Paint, King, Otter Stays in the Water, Brass, Star, Yellow Mule,and Walks Over Ice families.

Funeral Mass will be celebrated at 10 a.m. on Monday, May 1, 2023 at St. Dennis Catholic Church in Crow Agency, Montana. Interment will follow at the Hardin Fairview Cemetery.

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