LBHC President jailed

Yarlott completed jail component of sentencing requirement for Dec 2021 DUI

LBHC President jailed

Little Big Horn College President David Yarlott Jr. spent the weekend in Big Horn County Detention Center to fulfill his sentencing requirements for a Dec 18, 2021 misdemeanor aggravated DUI conviction.

According to the Big Horn County Attorney’s Office, a warrant was not issued for Yarlott’s arrest.

According to the sentencing requirements in the case, Yarlott was required to complete his jail time before Dec 29.

According to court documents, Yarlott plea guilty to misdemeanor aggravated driving under the influence in exchange for one year in Big Horn County Detention Center with all but two days suspended and $1085 in fines and fees.

As part of the conditions of release issued in July, Yarlott must not receive any new charges in any jurisdiction; cannot use or possess alcohol or dangerous drugs without a legal prescription; cannot enter any bars, liquor stores or casinos; he must enroll in a chemical dependency evaluation within 30 days of sentencing and complete all recommended treatment within five months; he cannot operate a motor vehicle unless it is equipped with a functional interlock device for six months after sentencing; and pay all fines and restitution.

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