Lodge Grass High School Announce First Semester Honor Roll

70 students achieve high marks

Lodge Grass High School Announce First Semester Honor Roll

Lodge Grass High School announced their first semester honor roll with 70 students achieving high marks. Honor roll results are shown below:

12th grade: April Chavez; Gabrielle Falls Down; Lily Holloway; Kaycei Hugs; Kyla Hugs; Tessa Plainfeather; Chance Pretty On Top; Woodrow Pretty On Top; Vydel Ramos; Fawn Red Wolf; Dontia Stewart; Angelina Toineeta; George Toineeta;  and Chester Turns Plenty, Jr.

11th grade: Belicia Big Day; Adraino Brien; Elecia Enemy Hunter; Miley Fighter; Silvia Fighter; Lizinyani Gentry; Jazmine Half; Lyric Kelly; Kiauna Kills Night; Nayola Lion Shows; Lucy Little Light; Myron Little Light; Triston Little Light; Dalray Little Nest; Laci Rides The Bear; Sienna Rides The Bear; Minerva Stewart; Angela Stump; Sean Turns Plenty; and Brocade Yarlott.

10th grade: Todd Amyotte, Jr.; Myron Backbone; Adryelle Bird; Tailee Bird; Kloe Cummins; James Dust, Jr.; Nathan Falls Down; Lahna Good Luck; Bodee Jefferson; Danielle Jefferson; Trotter Jefferson; Lamar Rides The Bear; Dana Spotted Horse; Bobby Stewart; Bailey Three Irons; and RaMyra White.

9th grade: Cheinah Bad Bear; Lawrence Bends; Lexyn Bouyer; Yvette Chief; Silas Cummins; Sydni Fitzpatrick; Zaylee Good Luck; Cheryl Gros Ventre; Jala Half; Tashanna Iron; Tawny Jefferson; Hunter Kindness; Jevany Laverdure; Nehemiah Nomee; My-ahlin Pretty On Top; Travis Reed, Jr.; Toby Stewart; Colt Takes Enemy; Francis White Hip; and Colvin Wyles.

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