Unofficial LBHC Board Election Results Released

Unofficial LBHC Board Election Results Released

The Crow Tribe Secretary’s Office released unofficial results in the Little Big Horn College Board of Trustees election. Each district elected two representatives. 

The Black Lodge district elected Kendall Old Horn with 32.6% of the vote and Rebecca Jefferson with 25.52% of the district’s vote. 

In the Center Lodge, Shawn Real Bird received 30.7% of the district vote and Gary H. Dawes received 21.4% of the district vote.

The Arrow Creek District elected Agnes Jolene Kills Pretty Enemy and Seth White Clay with 36% and 33.45% of the district vote, respectively.

Daryl Bends received 37.14% of the Valley of the Chiefs district vote and Marshall Left Hand received 29.52% of the district vote.

The Valley of the Giveaway District elected Charles J. Yarlott Jr. with 28.13% of the district vote and Reva Little Owl with 22.66% of the district vote.

Dana Wilson received 35.68% of the Mighty Few District vote and Twyla Birdinground received 34.36% of the district vote.

On Nov. 21 a new charter for LBHC was approved and adopted by the Crow Tribe under Joint Action Resolution 23-06. According to the new law, the new board will consist of two Crow tribal members who are reservation residents of each reservation district elected by the eligible voters of each district for a total of 12 enrolled members elected to the board. 

According to the law, the candidate with the highest number of votes in each district will be elected to four-year terms, and the candidate with the second highest number of votes in each district will be elected to two-year terms.

Unofficial election results are as follows:

Black Lodge District: Kendall Old Horn, 118; Rebecca Jefferson, 96; Teonna Little Light, 88; and Marvin Dawes, Sr., 60.

Center Lodge District: Shawn Real Bird, 132; Gary H. Dawes, 92; Angie Good Luck, 70; Sidney “Chipper” Fitzpatrick Jr., 58; Shawn Backbone, 46; and Heidi White Clay, 32.

Arrow Creek District: Agnes Jolene Kills Pretty Enemy, 99; Seth White Clay, 92; and Carol Good Luck, 84.

Valley of the Chiefs District: Daryl Bends, 117; Marshall Left Hand, 93; Larry D. Blacksmith, 78; and Loren Old Bear, 27.

Valley of the Giveaway District: Charles J. Yarlott Jr., 72; Reva Little Owl, 58; Mary Snell, 52; Ula Bull Chief, 27; Alee Bird Hat, 26; and Cecelia Big Lake, 21.

Mighty Few District: Dana Wilson, 81; Twyla Birdinground, 78; Fatima Bad Horse, 37; Dayle LaFrance Felica, 19; and Jacob Stops, 12.

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